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Why Braanker Logistics?

Braanker Logistics is a healthy and modern logistics service provider with worldwide expertise in every type of transport modality and logistics service imaginable. We are certified in accordance with the newest standards.

Braanker Logistics’s headquarters are located in an ultra-modern office building in Alblasserdam (NL). The company also has branches at Schiphol (NL) and in Lisbon (P) and extensive storage and transhipment facilities (30,000 m2). With 100 employees, a worldwide network of agents and an all-round deployable vehicle fleet of approximately 170 units, Braanker Logistics can serve a wide range of customers.

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From a series of 2 is delivered: Volvo FH tractor, 540 HP, with Globetrotter XL cab
Since November 2016, Braanker Logistics is a member of Ecostars. We have received the maximum ranking of 5 stars.
From July 2016 it will be compulsory to weigh containers for export, the VGM (verified gross mass) must be passed on to shipping companies in time.